3 Invisible Business “Rules” That No One Teaches (Aren’t you glad I wrote this?)

Let me share a story of a client that I’ve had. When I branched off and started doing my “hybrid” lead generation company for solar vertical, I’ve met very interesting companies. Interesting in that while they all sold solar panels for homes, their internal workings were all very different. One company I met ran biomass […]


3 Copywriting Tips I Stole that STILL Works

When I first got started in online marketing, I knew I had to learn copywriting fast. I read every thing I can on copywriting – went to book store every day to read magazines just for the headlines & their ads, attend forums, study viral posts, etc.  (Don’t forget, infomercials are GREAT for this.) I […]


3 Lessons Buddha Would Teach in a Marketing Class

Do you know why it sucks being the enlightened one? Because people misunderstand you ALL the time.   1) People take things out of context “Life is suffering.” I remember going to social science class in high school and learning about Buddha. I rememebered coming out thinking… “man this Buddha guy is a bummer”. Why? […]


How to Push Down Your Negative Reviews

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. – Warren Buffett Let me tell you a little story. Actually TWO. So korean people have this thing called “gae”. Gae is basically rotating savins plan. (Also known as tanda among hispanic […]


5 Kick-Ass Ways to Build Your PPC Keyword List

Here’s a totally random trivia. For this tweet:     (src: Business Insider) 1) How long did it take to compose? 2) How many people were involved? Answer: 1) Four 2) TWO months (When I read that, I finally understood why this guy had this face:)   Why? Because keywords have an IMPACT on the response it […]

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