3 Copywriting Tips I Stole that STILL Works

When I first got started in online marketing, I knew I had to learn copywriting fast. I read every thing I can on copywriting – went to book store every day to read magazines just for the headlines & their ads, attend forums, study viral posts, etc.  (Don’t forget, infomercials are GREAT for this.) I […]


3 Lessons Buddha Would Teach in a Marketing Class

Do you know why it sucks being the enlightened one? Because people misunderstand you ALL the time.   1) People take things out of context “Life is suffering.” I remember going to social science class in high school and learning about Buddha. I rememebered coming out thinking… “man this Buddha guy is a bummer”. Why? […]


How to Push Down Your Negative Reviews

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. – Warren Buffett Let me tell you a little story. Actually TWO. So korean people have this thing called “gae”. Gae is basically rotating savins plan. (Also known as tanda among hispanic […]


5 Kick-Ass Ways to Build Your PPC Keyword List

Here’s a totally random trivia. For this tweet:     (src: Business Insider) 1) How long did it take to compose? 2) How many people were involved? Answer: 1) Four 2) TWO months (When I read that, I finally understood why this guy had this face:)   Why? Because keywords have an IMPACT on the response it […]

Interview with Another Yelp’s Filtered Reviews Victim – Interview with Tiffany Benitez

  Transcript TaeWoo: Hey everyone thanks for coming back to, today we have we have a podcast. I’ve been doing a lot of Yelp review victims lately and today with me on the call is Tiffany Benitez; she is the owner and marketing manager for Bouncer Rentals 4 You out of Elk Grove California […]

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