Oh hey, you found me.


My name is TaeWoo Kim.

I’m an entrepreneur who started out as a web/mobile developer, then eventually morphing into digital marketer / growth hacker guy.

I blog mostly about

  • what i learned on my journey towards success in entrepreneurship
  • how I do marketing and what kind of things worked for me and what didn’t
  • how to market your company’s online presence and how to monetize your web traffic
  • how to generate more business online, such as online sales lead generation and direct response marketing (They call it growth hacking in silicon valley. Rest of the world calls it online marketing.)

My claim to fame

What I do:

  • inbound marketing / lead generation & nurturing (my solar lead generation company specialized in … well… solar leads)
  • performance marketing, copywriting
  • usual online marketing – SEM/PPC, media buying, social media marketing, email, etc.
  • monetizing traffic – affiliate, conversion optimization, sales funnel, etc.
  • building relationships - public speaking & coaching/consulting, guest blogging (ShoeMoney)
  • coding – CodeIgnter PHP MVC on Linux (i.e. “LAMP”), jQuery/UI, mobile apps, wordpress/buddypress APIs, and bunch of REST API stuff

Once in a while, i also blog about

  • my spiritual development (i ate, slept, and meditated non-stop for 7 days at a Buddhist temple in Thailand)
  • my awesome dog Cocoa

My presence on web

Stuff I Built

  • RedMol – Commercial real estate listings (parked on subdomain)
  • PawshPal – Fun Pet Images. I grew the PawshPal Facebook fanpage from 0 to over 33k with less than $300 in advertising. Not bad huh?

PS: What da heck is “Fresh Super Cool”?

Well, when I came up with my blog name, I wanted a cool URL that people would remember as me, but I couldn’t think of anything clever. At

the time, I was also listening to “Creep” by the 90′s R&B group TLC. Their album was called “Crazy Sexy Cool”.

Well, I’m definitely crazy and sexy (insert cricket chirp noise here) but I’m more fresh and super (also term from 80′s and 90′s)… so hence, FreshSuperCool.com.