How to Double Your Email Marketing Open Rate

People who start out in internet marketing (especially lead nurturing) almost ALWAYS ask me ..

What’s a good open rate?

And I almost always give them the same answer


Of course, they almost always give me this face


Well, they asked a generic question, so i have to give them a generic answer.

If you’re sending emails and either

  1. they are not hitting the inbox
  2. OR people aren’t reading them

… what’s the point?


So how do you get people to actually read your stuff? Simple

Step 1: Choose a good email service provider

Step 2: Write good headlines


Let me explain.

I started an email autoresponder campaign a while back for my solar lead generation company.

When I originally started, the open rate hovered around 22-28%.

After much testing with headlines, guess what they jumped to…



Yeap, 35-45%.

Now, there’s actually a THIRD step.

3: Hyper-focus your list.


Let me explain.

If you sell ice cream and want to increase sales, what would you rather do?

Scream “ice cream” to everyone in the neighborhood or go to an ice cream fan convention where people are paying to try your stuff?

Correct, find the RIGHT demographics.


Solar One Media, delivers solar leads to solar sales & installation companies.

In another words, SOM’s target audience are small to mid size solar installation companies throughout English speaking countries.

That’s why the list was HYPER HYPER focused and hence, the insanely high open rate.


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