One Person CAN Make a Difference

During a regular g-chat with a friend of mine.. I came across a video of a dog that was abused and pretty much left for dead.

Being a dog lover, I felt touched.. and felt a need to act.

What’s the video about? here it is:


This video wasn’t originally on Youtube.. so I posted i there.

Then, of course, I posted on PawshPal fan page

ON top of that, I got in touch with the dog rescue organization.. who knew little about internet and how online donations worked.

So I basically set up their page for this

The email communication went something like this between me and SOSD (Save Our Stray Dogs)


Hi there

My name is TaeWoo. An entrepreneur,  dog lover, and owner/operator of PawshPal. (, and

I saw your video and I’m about to post the video on bunch of my web properties where dog owners are.

I’d like to contribute in anyway i can. including driving the traffic to a donation page.

Do you have a URL I can point to?

If u create  a page on your website w/that video and a donate now button, i guarantee you that donations will start flooding in… do u have a webmaster I can help guide this?



Oh we’d love to have that feature on our page!

…… but we are very web-illiterate. We’ve had so much struggle just getting that blog done up (lol!)

We’re still figuring out how to get the paypal button permanently up on a aide bar.

So yeah, any guidance will be much appreciated!



by the way, i don’t know who you are but this is me:

Ok i added the paypal donation button..this should help with your donation

I’ll be driving traffic to this



How can we thank you enough TaeWoo!

You have helped us in a big way!

About us… We are a group of very ordinary people.. We did not know each other at all until we started interacting via facebook, cross posting about street dogs needing help.

Tuck Wah and Malina are the main rescuers on the ground. Tuck does most of the videos. He’s the one who got Ol Boy.

Ming is our Rehab Team in-charge, who also heads the volunteering arm of SOSD.

Su is fostering some of our rescued puppies… she’s big awesomeness packed in a little body 🙂

Joy is our legal consultant, comes from an animal loving family where both her parents are rescuers themselves!

Meiyi helps coordinate with our pool of fosterers.. she feeds strays on the streets too.

Me …. the one who clicks away on the keyboard. My name is Beulah 🙂

Yup, SOSD is just a handful of us. Small handful, but big hearts for our street dogs.


Did the story go viral?

Im not sure.

But a Belgian newspaper did pick it up and had over 140k “Likes”…


So.. can 1 person change the world?

Yes, you absolutely can.

My friend influenced me.. i influenced  a fan page.. and the fans influenced  the world..

I don’t know who these people are, and they don’t know who i am.. but i empthasize with their cause.

My prayer goes out to all stray dogs that need a loving home.



8-23 11 PM: NY Daily News picked it up..

8-24 11 AM: Video hit 13k views

8-25 1 PM: Over 70k views

8-26 4 PM: Close to 100k. Picked up at Care2InSingCafeMomMSNMSN (Australia)DailyMailBuzzFeed

8-27 11 AM: Over 100k. Picked up at OhMiDog, AsiaOne



9-19: OVER 1 MILLION views. Wow




We’ve raised over $8k USD but they can’t get it. Ugh.

We’re having problems with Paypal cos they do not accept our non profit status as a registered society, which is a legalised entity by our local governement. They have frozen our paypal account at the meantime. 

In spite of all the documentations that we have submitted to them, even official correspondences by local stat boards, paypal insisted that we must produce a recognition by the Commissioner of Charities, which we have taken steps to apply for our charity status. 
So until we have resolved this with paypal, we can only do by our local bank account at the meantime. 
Sucks. But no choice. 



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