Sneaky SEO Trick with Google Alerts

Ever watch that movie Eagle Eyes?

I know it’s about an evil giant robot gone “bad”, but dammit, I loved it.


You know why?

If I had it, I can basically hear every conversation and sneak myself into the right ones wherever they might be.

And if you really think about it, link building (i.e. search engine optimization, or SEO) is JUST that.

Being in the right place at the right time.. so you can basically provide awesome information and earn trust with people.

Unfortunately, the US government, if they did build one, I doubt they’re gonna let you use it for that purpose.. I mean, seriously, how would you even ask?

“Hey Mr.4-start-general-almighty-highness sir. I know you’re busy protecting the nation and all, but can I borrow this for one second? I’m trying to build some backlinks ….”

(If you don’t get arrested, I’m sure you’ll at least get shot or worse, neutered, for plain stupidity.)

But lucky for you, the awesome nerds  over at Mountain View, CA has built a very large and very smart search engine that overhears ALL the online conversation wherever and whenever they might occur.. and they even let you know that for free! What is it?


Be Relevant about Google Alerts, But Be Smart About It

That’s right. You enter the right keywords and sign up to receive keywords as they HAPPEN.

So imagine, you get an alert and they tell you where on the web  there is a conversation that’s relevant to your company, product, or service.

When they alert you, go over there and introduce yourself… and tell them who you are and what you do.

But you can’t be all SALES-Y about it.

Think about it.. imagine if you were talking to a friend of yours at a bar about your, say, divorce … how your divorce attorney isn’t being all that aggressive and you’re thinking about firing him.

Imagine that Google is the bartender who happens to overhear the conversation and tells you about it.

You get in your speedy Slimey-Divorce-Lawyer-o-mobile with your trusty sidekick Sue-Your-Pants-Off to the bar, and join in on the conversation.. first thing you say “Hi, my name is Hugh Jazz, and if you ever need a divorce attorney, here’s my number.”

Smooth, right? Wrong.

Sure you are relevant, but who the hell asked you to butt into their conversation, let alone pitch them?


How about this.. Mr.Jazz (the attorney) decides to ACT like another regular customer and tells them how great Mr.Jazz’s services are.

Yes.. FAKE testimonials and fake reviews.. and of course fake referrals.

No, they will catch onto this so fast (especially on the web), that you won’t even know what hit you when they delete your thread and remove you from their website.


Here are THREE things you need to do to be “relevant”



1) Teach.. don’t sell.

If you give your potential customer education, you will NEVER need to sell because now the relationship went from sales guy / prospect  to teacher / student.

Have you EVER questioned a college professor when he told you to buy his books? 99% of the time, you did not.

More educated your prospects are, the more they will buy.




2) Don’t be fake. BE genuine.

Don’t pretend to be someone else, because the web is FULL of people who have insanely polished BS-o-meter.

Don’t lie. Don’t pretend.

Just tell them who you are, what you do, and what your company provides. But go back to point #1… TEACH them what you know. Show them that you are the expert.



3) Backlink, but with context & relevance.

Imagine if you saw this…

“Yes, I’m Mr.Hugh Jazz.. in my 17 years of working as a divorce attorney, i found that…. Oh by the way, you should check out my lowest mortgage rates http://www. blah blah . com.”

Yeah… please.. be contextual and be relevant. (Because NOT ALL traffic is useful. Some traffic is quite worthless.)

That means back link WHEN possible.. not just doing it for sake of doing it.

Backlink to articles that you’ve written.


Have you ever tried this Google alerts method? Any success? Any advice on what to do or what not to do?

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