The Myth of the Traffic – Not all are created equal

What’s the NUMBER one myth that anyone who does anything online say?

MORE TRAFFIC. Because that’s more money.



I heard this so many times: digital marketers, web entrepreneurs, investors, sales consultants, lead generators, SEO agency, SEM agencies, etc. Basically anyone who does anything digital (pretty much anyone on the “producing” end of the web) tells you MORE TRAFFIC = MORE money.

Let me tell you first hand that statement is the biggest load of cow turd ever


For some odd reason, my had a post on my blog for the keyword “ascii b00bs”. (i spelled that with zeros instead of “o’s” for the reason  … well, keep reading).

Here’s what it looked like:


And oddly enough, a TON of people linked to it, making me #1 on Google for this obscure but somewhat popular keyword

As you can see, even though it’s not the most searched term on the planet (and if you are, please get a life), i did get 50-100 visitors a day.




But of course, with any useless, un-targeted traffic, you’re going to get a high bounce rate. As in.. like 90%+.



So I thought ‘hmm.. maybe I can get some newsletter subscribers or at least make some money’ (the latter being that i saw tons of dating ads on that page).


For period of 5-6 months (i.e. 180 days x 50 vistiors/day = 9000 visitors), i got ZERO optins.

I tried monetizing with CPL dating affiliate ads. I think I had like 2 or 3 at a whopping insane profit of $6.

On top of that, my ENTIRE blog (i.e. all posts on this domain) was getting firewalled by corporate firewalls because of “b00bs” that thought my blog was too “risquee”. (If you’re a network admin managing these content firewalls, hey.. i removed these risquee posts! let me back in please. pretty please.)


In fact, getting a HANDFUL of people who care about what you have to say is 1000x better

My solar lead generation company Solar One Media’s blog. It’s hyper focused to talk about solar lead generation.

I can say with 100% certainty that it is read predominantly by C-level execs and marketers of residential solar installation & sales companies from US, UK, and Australia). My newsletter list there is tiny but I get consistent open rate of 35-45% consistently.


1. Rank for keywords that matter.
2. Not all traffic is created equal.
3. More is not always better.
4. Picard’s facepalm meme is awesome for disappointing things like this


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