Top 7 Must Read Blogs for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

My grandma always told me “if you’re gonna learn, learn from the best”.

Or was it Yoda…

I forget. Either way, he/she was very old, wrinkly, but very wise.

If you’re in online marketing (as a marketer or as an entrepreneur), these blogs are a must to add to your RSS feed / inbox.


In no particular, here they are: 



1) ShoeMoney (Jeremy Shoemaker)

Contrary to what most people think, some of the best digital marketers don’t live in a big “digital” place like SF, NYC, or LA. Jeremy Shoemaker lives in Nebraska (good lord, Jeremy.. why?) and he managed to break into the marketing career as an affiliate marketer. I read his stuff b/c he doesn’t write fluff. He writes genuinely and doesn’t take crap from no one. He was the one I actually followed religiously in my newbie marketing days.

His claim to fame – 1) big fat adsense check from Google and 2) his rags to riches story (on Amazon)

Plus, I guest blog for him. How awesome is that?



2) QuickSprout (Neil Patel)

It’s a recent fav. of mine.

He got my attention b/c of his story about how he built a multi-million dollar consulting business with EMAIL marketing. And not just optin email marketing.. COLD CALL EMAIL to some VC who actually responded. Who woulda thunk it?

His claim to fame is that he SEO’d TechCrunch, iCanHasCheezBurger, etc. A young guy with a really creative mind and some interesting stories to tell.

(sorry about the pic Neil.. it was too damn funny)



3) Moz (formerly SEOMoz)

OK, i admit. When I didn’t know jack diddly squat about search engine marketing, I started reading anything and everything.

The one “theme” that i got stuck on was this whiteboard friday thing they do at Moz. It’s quite brilliant and I don’t know if it’s the MOZ CEO Rand Fishkin’s beard or the way he talks, but I am rather hooked.

When I think of inbound marketing and content marketing, I think of Moz.

Funny thing too.. i found a picture of him w/o his awesome beard, and it’s just.. weird..


(Rand, is this even real?)




4) Unbounce

A HUGE part of internet marketing is doing A/B tests on your pages and see what wins. If people “bounce” from your page, that’s a bad thing.

Unbounce is a startup that helps you reduce your bounce rate from your site. They have a great blog on case studies.

The only gripe is that the blog lacks “personality” as far as who’s really behind it. I would love to see more people’s faces and videos.



5) Matt Cutts (Youtube & Twitter)

If SEO is a ninja marketing tactic, then Matt Cutts is Master Splinter.

If SEO is a intergalactic warfare, then Matt Cutts is Darth Vedar (well, according to SEO people).

Matt is the head of webspam at Google. He tells you what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Don’t piss him off, but i think he’s generally a good guy. He was on a TED talk too.



6) Mailchimp

If you’re an internet marketer and don’t do email marketing, please find a really hard wall and bang your head against it. Because you are losing out on free traffic.

Mailchimp is an email service provider. They also write some really good insights on email marketing – best practices, case studies, etc. But the REAL value I get out of it are their tools.. especially when im thinking about headlines because EVERYTHING on the web has everything to do with the headline.

If I had any complaints, it would be the same as that for Unbounce… need more faces / actual people. Show me that there’s real live people behind their stuff, not just some corporate logo.


******  … and last but not least.. but also the most odd one out of them all…  ******



7) Double Your Dating – David DeAngelo

Now, let me explain. How does dating have ANYTHING to do with marketing? In fact, it has EVERYTHING to do it. Online marketing / lead generation / performance marketing is JUST like dating.

But.. that’s not WHY this is a good blog for marketers.

David DeAngelo is actually a pseudonym that author & entrepreneur Eben Pagan uses. His information publishing company (Double Your Dating) does 8 digit revenue, selling EBOOKS about the art of seduction and well, doubling your dating.

I admit, i first started reading his stuff when i was single. He eventually phased out of my radar until I started doing direct response marketing on the internet, and he popped up again. Now when I get his emails, I read it for his style & technique in ad copies, media, email marketing, copywriting, etc.


**** BONUS *****


Of course… you should read MY BLOG – FreshSuperCool.com.

Here’s my claim to fame and why you should read MY blog.



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