Virgin Mobile Broadband Sucks. Here’s Why.

I heard about this Virgin Mobile MIFI thing a while back. $40/month for 3g speed, unlimited.

Great. So I get it at Walmart. Here’s what happened next.

1) I NEVER EVER got any “3g”-ish speed. NEVER.

In fact, on day 1, the highest I’ve gotten was 80-100 kbps. Ok at that time, I didn’t mind the lower speed for having convenience. If they gave me consistent 80-100 kbps, I would have stayed with them

2) Once you exceed their “tolerable” usage limit, they will reduce you speed.

In fact, I was even given a “warning” about it.

My speed went from barely 50-70 kbps (about 2 weeks into the service) to… BARELY 10-15 kbps.

I don’t know if the people at Virgin Mobile just failed math, but there is no possible way I could’ve downloaded (according to the dashboard when you login to their system) 4 FREAKIN’ TERABYTES of data… EVEN if they gave me 100 kbps. Don’t believe me? Here’s the math.

3) Your service gets dropped like a hot potato

During month 2, I don’t ever recall not having to reboot the damn device every hour or so.

4) Customer service SUCKS

Their douche bag call center customer reps must’ve graduated only junior high school.  Won’t even go into details, but a common “solution” to every freakin’ issue i called in for was to “reboot” the damn device.

Once a lady on Twitter tried to reach out to me, but I’m guessing she did that b/c she was bored. When I replied back, nothing.


Like most people, I don’t like pain. I went BACK to Walmart to return this product and guess what, by then I exceeded their 15 day return policy on electronics.

Side Note to Walmart: Any device where you have to get a service on should not be subject to this policy. I don’t buy a damn Mifi device b/c what it it is. I buy it so I can get the damn 3g service.

After a LONG argument with at least 4 of their customer support, they decide to refund my money.

For that, Walmart, THANK YOU. You guys run a great business and I am your loyal customer. In fact, you guys should stop carrying shitty Virgin products. Makes you guys look bad.

For this, Virgin. F*CK YOU. I hate your god damn, overly promised, way way way under-delivered service.

I’m guessing Virgin probably DROPPED my speed after 2 weeks because they found that I got this from Walmart and knew about this 2 week policy thing. Thanks for the SCAM, Virgin.

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