Why I Don’t “DO” SEO

I can’t stand SEO (search engine optimization) people.

Yeah i said. I can’t stand you SEO people.

Ok, let me rephrase.. i can’t STAND most SEO people.

Why? Most SEO people are like used car salesmen – over sell, under deliver. Sure they’ll “help” you with your SEO efforts. You just gotta pay $10-30k and MAYBE you might see some results later.


Yeah who doesn’t like SEO. In the world of inbound marketing, SEO is probably the biggest admired tactic in terms of marketing.

Free traffic.. and LOTS of it. And if you rank high for a while, you might say you’re dominating the competition.

Their “secret”? “SEO optimize” your site.

Umm.. right.


Take this poor san diego chiropractor who SEO people poo-poo’d on in public. He writes for search engine bots. Bad idea.

Another SEO expert Rand Fishkin, the dude from Moz,. says the same thing: write for PEOPLE, not for search engines.

I don’t write for SEO because Google does not pay me. My customers do.

Do I get traffic without Google? Of course!


Now, don’t get me wrong. I “do” SEO myself, but it’s not what you’re thinking of… link wheels, content farms, blah blah.

I just write about what I know.. and I share them with people. Not only do I become an authority on that subject, but people come asking me for help.

Sure, you can SEO the hell out of your site and rank #1.. but how long is that gonna last you?

Google’s penguin update, panda update, p-something-else update, tyranosaurus-rex-pig update… i mean seriously.. are you gonna have a freakin’ heart attack every time they do a release?

If you have weak bowels, try not to keep up to date with Google’s algorithm because you will have soiled undies every time they come up with one.

My customer acquisition company, Solar One Media, started out as solar lead generation company. (But eventually pivoting to marketing automation software as service company).

It ranks for super competitive “lead generation” company.. where CPCs on Adwords go anywhere between $10-$30 per CLICK.

Guess, what … it ranks #2 on Google.. STILL (and I haven’t really marketed it lately all that much)


Now, did I “SEO” by doing content marketing? I sure did.

But guess what.. I wrote for people that actually CARE about this subject.

Remember, you’re trying to get exposure to PEOPLE who will eventually become your customers, not impress some dudes in Mountain View, CA who could give a rat’s ass to who you are or what you do. To them, you’re just another link in their hundreds trillions of queries they process every month.


I wrote for people who are in the solar business, particularly solar sales & installation people.

It worked because I wrote about stuff that matters to people who actually care to read it.

In another words, you’re having a dialogue with people.. not trying to do H1, anchor tags, offsite optimization, blah blah blah.


I mean, how depressing is it to write for machines that treat you like another entry in their database? Besides, Google hires over 10 THOUSAND ph.D’s who know more about this keyword stuff than ANY SEO people will EVER know. Do you really think your smart SEO consultant knows more than Google or Bing or will ever know?

I doubt it. (On top of that, for certain verticals, SEO is pretty much dying and them free clicks are drying up.)

This is WHY i don’t “write” SEO. I write for people. I do copywriting.  I share. I give. I present.

So why in the world do businesses even bother doing this?

Beats me.

People ask me ALL the time when they need help with lead generation if I can “SEO” the copywriting I do for them.

I reply…. “Sure. After you meet my friend, Bill the angry monkey.”



Im just kidding people.

I don’t say that.

His name is actually Steve.

So why would I call him Bill?

That’s just crazy talk.


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