Why Meditation is Good for Business

Ever watch Superman 3 (the original one with Christopher Reeves)?

If you don’t remember, the bad guys give Superman some kind of “drug” that awakens his internal bad self.


He turns bad. Starts not caring, making rude comments, drinking excessively, womanizing, etc.

Eventually, his bad self comes out of his body, and so begins the battle between good and bad.



If your job is dependent on you being a performer of some sort.. sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc… where you are being paid to perform and not just being paid for your time, sometimes things can get rough.

Kinda like you fighting yourself… the internal battle that only you can see.

Sometimes you wanna quit (and so do I).. sometimes you wonder what the hell is wrong with you.. sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever get out of that hole.

And I’ll be honest, sometimes you can get REAL depressed.

It affected me so much that I even flew 1/2 way around the world to Thailand to seek “wisdom”.. only to discover that the old wise man who’ll give you that burst of enlightenment was actually inside me all this time.


Let me clear with you guys.. especially men (since men are more prone to this).. there is nothing wrong with you.

Our society puts demand on us to create.. to produce.. to earn.. to make things happen.

And because we get rewarded for our production, our brain tells us that if we DON’T produce, we are not worthy.

In another words, performance EQUALS identity.


People don’t say “I teach for living”… people say “I’m a teacher”.

People don’t say “I help people with law”… people say “I’m a lawyer”.

People don’t say “I have a million dollars”… people say “I’m a millionaire”.


Problem with this thinking is that if you DON’T perform, your identity is worth nothing.

And if your identity is worth nothing, then you basically have no reason to live.

That’s when things spiral down, and your ego gets stronger.

When your ego gets stronger, you start getting sadder.. more angry.. more depressed…

I see this in business, especially startup entrepreneurs, all the time.

If your startup fails, instead of the idea failing… the entrepreneur failed. That failure eats away at them..


And startup failure is not the only way that people can develop a huge ego.. and a sense of depression.

Divorce, loss of a job / beloved family member or friend, some traumatic disaster, wars, etc.. can all make you feel like this.

Take a look at these before and after pics of men who who were in combat (before, during, after):

soldier-before-during-after soldier-before-during-after-2 soldier-before-during-after-3 Soldier-Portraits-Before-During-and-After-War-14 Soldier-Portraits-Before-During-and-After-War-15 soldiers-afganistan-before-after


Death & destruction, as you might imagine, doesn’t really help you stay in peace and calmness.. and as you can see, when the mind isn’t at peace, it shows up physically.

Problem with being ego minded is that you make RASH and sometimes outright stupid decisions… and this WILL affect your performance more in the long run.


Of course, meditation does the exact OPPOSITE.

If you don’t know by know.. meditation is actually backed by science



Take a look at before and after pics of people who meditate on regular basis.

before-after-meditation-1 before-after-meditation-2 before-after-meditation-3 before-after-meditation-4 before-after-meditation-5

Sure, you might say “oh those are photography tricks”… “they’re smiling”..

Well yes, that’s true. But look at how natural those smiles look.

More relaxed, more natural, more in tune with themselves.


If your job is performance based, it’s no different.

You’re fighting a war with yourself.. the side of you that’s in tune with light, wealth, peace, happiness, and of course, community. … vs. the side that’s always worried about money, angry with what’s going on, worried about the outcome of your efforts, and of course, solitude … (don’t you wanna be alone when you’re feeling negative?)

I still practice meditation everyday.

It’s hard as hell in beginning.. your mind will fire left and right, fall asleep, etc etc.

But if you’re reading this post, im guessing you are intrigued to SOME point.

Calm your nerves by meditating.. you’ll make better business decisions.. you’ll attract more wealth.. and yes, become happier.

And if this post was mostly hocus pocus for you.. guess what, rich people meditate.

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