Why No One Links to Your Blog (and How You Can Fix It)


What are the TOP 2 question that most SEO people (or people who want to SEO their site) ask?

1) How do I rank #1 for XYZ keyword?

2) How do I get more people to link to my site? (so that I can rank #1)

Before I answer the two, you have to first look at the fundamental choice of words that people use…

I… me… my… 

If someone comes up to you at a networking event and says “can you give me this..”, or “i have this thing you should buy”… What does that make you think?



It’s like going on a date and the other person asks you things like “how much do you make”… “what will you buy me”… “what kind of gifts do you buy for you ex’s”..

It’s give and take: you give and he/she takes.

Now, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t really motivate me to give them anything other than maybe a nice pat on the face


This is why I don’t “DO SEO”. In fact, in certain verticals, there’s no point in trying to win the SEO game because search engines are basically taking SEO people’s lunch by taking up organic search real estate with with PPC ads instead of organic listings.

So how do you exactly get people to link to you?

Do the exact opposite of taking… by GIVING. (Actually i wrote about that on Under30CEO.)


Promote Others and Their Work

Why does this work? Two reasons


1) Reciprocity.

If you give someone, you feel inclined to give back.

This is the basis behind “free” marketing that businesses do. If they give you free stuff, you are more likely to agree to their upsells.

Ever heard of freemium? Software as a service companies and online game companies are probably the most famous for this tactic.


2) Vanity

Who doesn’t like being popularized?

Besides, every one of has an ego that would like some stroking…


If you’re promoting other business leaders, more often than not, you stroking their ego will make them see YOU in a favorable light.

A form of ass kissing? Hell yes.


Two Ways of “Giving”

1) Interviews

If you interview others, you’re giving them credibility and validity to who they are and what they do.

When was the last time you saw 20/20, Time Magazine, NY Times, or Wall Street Journal interview a nobody?

That’s right, they interview interesting and/or influential people.


In fact, I’ve done an interview with Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker (who has 150k+ followers on Twitter) and he tweeted/linked out to it


2) Curated Content

Ever come across an article so good (written in depth like how-to’s, case studies, stories of how companies started / broke up, etc.) that you just want to share on facebook/twitter?

Well, imagine if you took the initiative to actually create a blog entry and show YOUR readers what you were reading.

I started doing that and I’ve had some influential Twitter users tweeting out about them

Here’s Kelsey Cox (Director of communications of ColumnFive, has over 4k+ Twitter followers)


And Ken Mueller (Social Media marketing & digital communications strategist at Inkling Media, has over 8k Twitter followers)


As a result, I’ve gotten a dozen or more Twitter followers out of their re-tweets.

In fact, I’m in the process of writing a plugin that automates some of the more mundane activities like creating screenshots, proper formatting, and DM’ing the influencers once the post is created (these 3 takes alone can take 1-2 hrs depending on how many you are linking to) . If you’re interested in this plugin, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll let you know when I release it).


3) Guest blogging

I guest blog on ShoeMoney, Under30CEO, WordStream (on out of the box thinking PPC and black hat PPC), SolarFeeds, BestEngagingCommunities, JohnChow, and bunch of other sites.

In fact, guest blogging is my favorite form of content marketing because

1. you set yourself up as an expert in that field (for me, it’s performance marketing and growth hacking) to someone else’s audience

2. you can link BACK to your blog with specific set of keywords

Now, you can’t write some generic or spun articles that provide ZERO knowledge to the reader, you gotta actually provide some REAL value. Like I said, case studies, how-to’s, or inside stories are AWESOME for this.

In another words… EDUCATE first before you sell.




  1. Give first before you take
  2. Promote others
  3. Do interviews, curated content posts, and guest blog posts.

Anything you’ve tried that worked well? Please share with the community in the comments.


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